Nortech Advanced NDT is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. The entire workforce at Nortech strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in property damage, accidents, or personal injury/illness. Our safety program is COR certified and we are also registered with ISNetworld, Avetta and Complyworks. We recognize that the responsibility for health and safety are shared. All employees are equally responsible for minimizing incidents/accidents within our facilities and on all work sites. Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures are clearly defined in the company’s Health and Safety Manual for all employees to follow.


Nortech Advanced NDT's Quality Assurance program was established and is maintained in accordance with the international standard ISO:9001. Our quality assurance team believes in delivering our clients with a service free from error and backed by quality objectives implemented to ensure customer satisfaction. Nortech uses their live reporting system to help support our client’s quality management programs by allowing them online access to Nortech Advanced NDT’s manuals and certifications. Customer feedback is a big part of our QA program and we encourage our clients to send any feedback through this website on our Contact Us page.


Protecting Canada's natural environment is a national concern. Nortech Advanced NDT shares that concern and is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment while managing our operations economically and efficiently. Nortech Advanced NDT believes that reducing environmental, energy or social impacts in our day to day business will benefit our company, its employees, and our clients. We are aware that managing resources and using a pro-active approach to protect the environment will ensure the long-term viability and integrity of the business, while not compromising profitability for Nortech Advanced NDT and its valued clients.