How Your Business Will Benefit from NDT Services

You want to ensure that your equipment is meeting performance requirements, but, at the same time, you don’t want to destroy or change any of the components. The solution: non destructive testing (NDT). An NDT service enables you to check individual elements to entire products without damage.

Companies in the oil, gas, mining, forestry, manufacturing, energy, and fabricating industries should receive regular NDT services. They're a smart solution that helps to ensure there's nothing impacting the reliability and safety of your operations, and prevents your equipment from having a negative effect on the environment.

How Do NDT Services Work?

An NDT service examines your equipment to confirm that there are no subsurface flaws or other defects. The testing is fast and efficient — there’s no need to take a product out of service or open an item. You can receive NDT services at any time including during the construction of a single piece of equipment or even of an entire facility.

The test begins with a visual inspection. Following this, you may receive a liquid penetrating inspection, magnet particle testing, radiographic testing, ferrite testing, positive material identification, or ultrasonic testing, among other tests.

What You Will Gain from NDT Services

NDT services prevent the need for expensive repairs and premature replacements by ensuring that your equipment is functioning correctly and will continue to work for its full expected lifespan. A simple inspection can locate potential problems before they occur, therefore eliminating breakdowns and the need for troubleshooting later.

You will also keep employees safe by preventing avoidable accidents and reduce downtime plus other causes of lost revenue. In fact, a simple NDT service may help you avoid expenses that could jeopardize your company.

All NDT services must be carried out by a professional who has received specialized training and who has knowledge of the standards or regulations for the particular material or piece of equipment. The tester also needs to possess the right instruments and other technology to carry out the tests correctly. When choosing services for your company, make sure you choose a company that is certified to provide NDT for your industry.

At Nortech Advanced NDT, we've been providing comprehensive NDT services to companies throughout Western Canada for over 35 years. Contact us to learn more about our cost-effective solutions and how they will benefit your business.