Ferrite Testing (FT) Services

Ferrite testing, also referred to as a ferritescope test, is a rapid non-destructive inspection method used to measure the amount of delta ferrite on austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel materials. Ensuring proper ferrite content ensures corrosion resistance, durability and crack prevention. When ferrite levels exceed the maximum allowable content amount the stainless steel welds become susceptible to hot cracking.

The benefits to using ferrite testing is that this method leaves practically no markings on the test specimen. Additionally, it brings the convenience of a portable test machine which can be use to determine values very quickly, accurately and efficiently.  In order to conduct a proper ferrite test, both a minimum and maximum material thickness are required for the test specimen. The results are then interpreted taking into consideration specifications and requirements as defined by the customer.

Ferrite Testing Can Be Used For:

  • Inspection of weldments, forgings, castings, wrought materials and weld overlays.

  • Determining ferrite levels within stainless steel welds, tubings and overlays both in the field and laboratory settings.

  • Assess ferrite percentages for duplex stainless steel pipe, tanks, castings, mechanical components.

  • Inspect regular construction steel that with austenitic chrome alloy steel welded cladding such as those used in boilers, vessels, etc.

  • Meet specification requirements such as API 582, API 938C, NACE MR0175, NACE MR0103.

  • Inspection of weld materials including butt welds, category A-D welds, stainless steel weld overlays on non-ferrous interfaces.