The oil and gas industry will continue to have specific regulatory requirements that must be followed according to code. Nortech Advanced NDT can support this need with experienced professional engineers and drafting personnel. Our engineering services include weld procedures, NACE compliance and certification letters on drilling and service rig structures, B.O.P's, cranes and wide range of various structures, components and equipment. Our engineering department follows required industry standard codes such as ASME, API, CSA, AWS and NACE while complying with CAODC recommended practices, OH&S regulations and client specific procedures and standards. Our drafting personnel can provide drawings and modifications on existing or new projects to accommodate client requests. Nortech Advanced NDT has been permitted to practice in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Nortech uses the above testing methods to locate fatigue cracks, metal failures, and internal/external corrosion on overhead equipment, cranes, gas plant structures and piping. Testing provides information regarding material integrity and reliability. The primary focus is to locate defects or undesired conditions which may result from the original material, manufacturing process, environmental or service condition or simply human error.